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«SRF Puls» reports on drug withdrawal in a rapid procedure

Once you have slipped into an addiction, it is difficult to get away from drugs again. Those affected often make several attempts at withdrawal, always followed by setbacks. Withdrawal under general anesthesia is intended to put an end to both the addiction and the craving for the drug. SRF Puls reports on opiate withdrawal under anesthesia at Interlaken Hospital.

The feature was filmed in 2016, when Patricia Manndorff, MD, was still a member of the ANR Network. Until 2018, the treatment at Interlaken Hospital was accordingly offered under the name ANR (Accelerated Neuroregulation). ANR was co-founded and further developed by P. Manndorff, MD. Since 2019, she has been performing the treatment at Interlaken Hospital of Spitäler fmi AG under the name OPIOSTOP.

Watch on SRF Player:

Ärztin bereitet Patienten auf den Drogenentzug unter Narkose vor.
Patricia Manndorff prepares her patient for anesthesia

Ärzteteam führt beschleunigten Drogenentzug unter Narkose durch.
Accelerated opiate withdrawal OPIOSTOP is performed under anesthesia.

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