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Quitting the world of drugs with OPIOSTOP

Sarah* decided to undergo heroin withdrawal under anesthesia with OPIOSTOP in 2019. Impressively, she reports on her motivation to take this courageous but necessary step.

«If you have the will and the motivation, you can make it out of the drug world with the OPIOSTOP withdrawal procedure. I was in the heroin program with Diaphin for years before. My motivation was my son, my mother and the desire to have another child. My problem was the fear of withdrawal, as I always had massive vomiting during previous withdrawals. After the treatment at the Interlaken hospital, I did not feel particularly well overall, but I had no withdrawal symptoms and, above all, no vomiting. On the other hand, I could hardly sleep and had hot and cold feelings. Both disappeared with time and without any new medication. Except of course for the Naltrexin, which I had to take after the withdrawal.»

*name anonymized

Patientin hat einen erfolgreichen Heroinentzug am Spital Interlaken absolviert und geniesst ihre Freiheit
Symbolic image: patient enjoying newfound freedom without heroin

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