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Back to life after drug withdrawal

Dr. med. Patricia Manndorff and the OPIOSTOP team repeatedly receive thank-you emails and phone calls from patients or family members who contact them after withdrawal with OPIOSTOP.

Close contact with patients is a top priority for Dr. Patricia Manndorff. Such positive messages, which are often still addressed to her months after withdrawal, are accordingly important.

Just recently, the family of Adrian (name changed) contacted Dr. med. Patricia Manndorff by e-mail:

Ein ehemaliger Drogenabhängiger geniesst den Sonnenuntergang nachdem er einen Drogenentzug unter Narkose mit OPIOSTOP gemacht hat.
Adrian was able to overcome his drug addiction through withdrawal with OPIOSTOP. He has found his way back into life, works a few days a week and is sleeping much better again. (Symbolic picture)

"We have waited several weeks to write to you. There are no words to describe the happiness and gratitude we feel since Adrian made the drug withdrawal with OPIOSTOP. We would like to thank you, Patricia Manndorff, MD, from the bottom of our hearts!

It has been almost two months since my brother and our son was treated with OPIOSTOP. It is still a little difficult here and there. But Adrian is very happy. He has gained about 7 kg and now eats breakfast, lunch and dinner like he used to. He works a few days a week and enjoys the summer. He still finds it hard to sleep, but his 6 to 7 hours a night give him energy to get through the day.

Patricia Manndorff, we thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts. You gave Adrian his life back!"

The family of Adrian

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