How did patients experience

their withdrawal?

«A little over a month following my withdrawal, I’m doing really well. I can sleep through the night without waking up. My feelings of restlessness have almost completely gone and I'm much more in touch with my body than I was before. My everyday life is well structured. For me, though, the biggest bonus has been no longer having any cravings or thoughts about opiates. Even thinking about swallowing pills really repulses me. There's a world of difference between where I am now and where I was five weeks ago. For my friends and family, and for myself in particular, it feels like a miracle that the old Markus is back. I feel like a new man. All the things that vanished when I was on morphine have come back or are slowly doing so. I'm relearning how to deal with my environment, feelings and sensations of pain. Although I felt desperate and anxious at the beginning of the withdrawal, I got through it and it's been worth it. I am grateful and proud that I have managed to leave my old life behind and embark on a new chapter.»


«Two weeks after the withdrawal, I'm doing well. I still feel weak, but I'm getting better each day. I mowed my lawn yesterday and after a break I watered my plants and flowers. I needed a rest afterwards and I have to take things slowly. But I my sense of smell has become far more intense and I feel like I've been reborn. I'd like to thank Dr P. Manndorff and everyone in her team from the bottom of my heart»


«I had been on prescription morphine tablets to tackle pain for years. As time went on, the morphine changed me a lot and I became dependent, so I decided to undergo withdrawal under anaesthesia at Interlaken Hospital. Since then I've been completely free of morphine, which I'm very happy about. I've felt no desire for morphine since the treatment. I've found other ways to deal with the pain and take mild painkillers when necessary and have had physiotherapy and enjoy playing sports (as much as I’m able to). I would happily recommend the treatment to anyone else. The advice I received before deciding to undergo the treatment was thorough and professional. I was very well looked after both during the treatment itself and in the days, weeks and months that followed, and was able to contact the team at any time.»


«The treatment itself was more intense than expected as a result of my very high codeine consumption. I had to deal with severe pain and anxiety during the first night, but both the pain and the anxiety had gone by the following day. I felt very weak but happy. The weakness lasted for several days, as did the diarrhoea. I was very worried that my psychological problems would flare up because I suffer or used to suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder. But I soon felt very calm and didn't suffer any sort of crisis. Although the stress disorder hasn't gone away, I've been able to make a lot of progress because I can now work the various aspects of it with a clear head. I didn't suffer from any withdrawal symptoms or cravings at all, although I'm not yet in a position to say what it will be like without naltrexone. I found the treatment at the Interlaken Hospital pleasant and the consultations with the team were very helpful. My husband and I felt that we were well informed and supported. This withdrawal was probably my only opportunity, so I grasped the opportunity and it worked.»


«Due to my buprenorphine dependency, I underwent withdrawal under anaesthesia at Interlaken Hospital at the end of August 2013. Since that day I have refrained from taking any mind-altering substances. I've since rebuilt my life and my social structures and am once again a productive member of society. I now work part-time in a permanent position as a carer for the disabled. It does require commitment though: You need to want to live without drugs and be committed to doing so. The treatment in Interlaken helped me incredibly in that respect. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved.»


«If you have the will and motivation, this withdrawal procedure makes it possible for you to escape dependency. I'd been on Diaphin in the heroin program for years beforehand. My motivation was my son, my mother and the desire to have another child. My problem was the fear of withdrawal, because previous withdrawals always made me vomit copiously. I didn’t feel particularly good following the treatment at Interlaken Hospital, but I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms and, most importantly, no vomiting. I did, however, find it hard to sleep and felt hot and cold, but both of these symptoms disappeared over time, without the need for any new medication. Except, of course, for the naltrexone that I had to take after the withdrawal.»


* These testimonials are those of real patients who have undergone opiate withdrawal under anaesthesia at Interlaken Hospital under the direction of Dr Patricia Manndorff. All names have been anonymised.


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