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How did patients experience

their withdrawal?

«A little over a month following my withdrawal, I’m doing really well. I can sleep through the night without waking up. My feelings of restlessness have almost completely gone and I'm much more in touch with my body than I was before. My everyday life is well structured. For me, though, the biggest bonus has been no longer having any cravings or thoughts about opiates. Even thinking about swallowing pills really repulses me. There's a world of difference between where I am now and where I was five weeks ago. For my friends and family, and for myself in particular, it feels like a miracle that the old Markus is back. I feel like a new man. All the things that vanished when I was on morphine have come back or are slowly doing so. I'm relearning how to deal with my environment, feelings and sensations of pain. Although I felt desperate and anxious at the beginning of the withdrawal, I got through it and it's been worth it. I am grateful and proud that I have managed to leave my old life behind and embark on a new chapter.»


«Two weeks after withdrawal, I'm fine. I'm still weak, but I'm getting better every day. Yesterday I mowed my lawn and after a break I also gave the plants and flowers water. After that I had to recover. I have to take it slow. But I already smell much more intensely and feel like I was reborn. I would like to thank the whole team of Dr. med. P. Manndorff from the bottom of my heart»


«For reasons of pain I have been prescribed morphine tablets for years. Over time, morphine changed me a lot and I became addicted. I decided to withdraw under anesthesia at the Interlaken Hospital. Since then I have been completely free of morphine and very happy about it. Since the treatment I have no more craving for morphine. I have found other ways to deal with pain and help myself with light pain relievers, physiotherapy and exercise (as far as I can) if necessary. I would recommend the treatment at any time. I received very professional and good advice from the team before I made the decision. I was looked after very well during the treatment. Even in the days, weeks and months after that, I could contact the team at any time.»


«The treatment itself was more severe than expected because of my very high codeine consumption. The first night I struggled with severe pain and restlessness. The pain was gone the next day, as was the restlessness. I felt very weak but satisfied. The weakness continued for a few days, as did the diarrhea. I was very concerned that the mental health problems would flare up because I suffered or suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. But I quickly felt very balanced and didn't have a crisis in this regard. The stress disorder is still there, but I was able to take very big steps forward because I now have a clear head to deal with it in a differentiated manner. I never had withdrawal symptoms or addictions. How it will be without naltrexine, however, I can't say yet. I found the treatment at the Interlaken Hospital pleasant. I found the conversations with the team very helpful. My husband and I felt well informed and accompanied. This withdrawal was probably my only chance and I took it and it worked.»


«At the end of August 2013, I was allowed to withdraw under anesthesia at the Interlaken Hospital because of my addiction to buprenorphine. Since that day I have been abstinent from all mind-altering substances. I have rebuilt my life and my social structures and am a productive member of our society again. Today I work as a supervisor in the handicapped area in an 80% permanent position. It doesn't just work that way. It takes the desire and will to live drug-free. The treatment in Interlaken helped me a lot. Thank you to everyone involved!»


«If you have the will and the motivation, you can get out of the drug world with this withdrawal process. I had previously been in the heroin program with Diaphin for years. My motivation was my son, my mother and the desire to have another child. My problem was the fear of withdrawal, as I had to vomit heavily on previous withdrawals. After the treatment at the Interlaken Hospital, I wasn't feeling particularly well overall, but I had no withdrawal symptoms and, above all, no vomiting. On the other hand, I could hardly sleep and felt hot and cold. However, both of these disappeared over time and without new medication. Except of course the naltrexin, which I had to take after the withdrawal.»


«We have waited a few weeks to write to you. First of all, we would like to start with a thank you! We do not have the words to describe the huge happiness we feel at the moment. And the great gratitude we have for you and the OPIOSTOP team. We would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! Reto is doing well almost two months after his withdrawal under anesthesia in the hospital in Interlaken. He still finds it a little difficult here and there, but in general he is very happy. He has gained seven kilograms and started eating breakfast, lunch and dinner like a normal person. He works a few days a week and enjoys the summer. He still has a hard time sleeping normally, but the six to seven hours every night gives him the energy he needs to get through the day. We thank the OPIOSTOP team from the bottom of our hearts. The family of Reto N.»

Die Familie von Reto*

«In der Vorbereitung wird man zuerst Mal gesundheitlich geprüft und bereit gemacht für die Behandlung. 
Das OPIOSTOP Team ist sehr freundlich und gibt einem ein gutes Gefühl. Für mich war es aufregend und
angenehm zur gleichen Zeit. Zu wissen, dass ich nach dem Aufwachen ein anderes Leben starten darf, gab mir ein gutes Gefühl. 

Nach dem Aufwachen ist es sehr anstrengend. Man braucht dann ein gewisses Durchhaltevermögen und eine positive Einstellung. Mir half es zu wissen, dass ich mich nach jeder verstrichene Sekunde besser fühlen würde. Und das war auch so. Dr. Patricia Manndorff und das OPIOSTOP-Team waren während meinem gesamten Aufenthalt im Spital Interlaken sehr freundlich und kümmerten sich toll um mich. Ausserdem war das Essen überraschend gut. 

Dem Spitalaufenthalt folgte ein Hotelaufenthalt Interlaken. Dr. Patricia Manndorff hat mich dort einige Male besucht und sich ideal um mich gekümmert. Nach der vollendeten Therapie hatte ich ein Supergefühl. Und ich hatte keinen Bedarf mehr nach Tramadol. 

Für mich ist OPIOSTOP die einzige Therapie, die für mein Suchtproblem wirklich funktioniert hat. Und zwar ohne dass ich leiden mussten. Ich würde den Entzug mit OPIOSTOP wieder machen. Ich rate jedem mit einem Opium-Suchtproblem, einen Entzug mit OPIOSTOP zu machen. OPIOSTOP gibt einem Hoffnung und enttäuscht nicht, es funktioniert!»


* The testimonials come from real patients who have undergone opiate withdrawal under anesthesia at the Interlaken Hospital under the direction of Dr. med. Patricia Manndorff have graduated. The names have been anonymized.

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