Neuanfang nach Drogenentzug
Neue Freiheit nach Drogenentzug
Aussicht und Sonnenlicht symbolisieren einen Neuanfang nach einem Opiatentzug
Symbolbild: Ehemaliger Drogenabhängiger hat den Entzug geschafft.

The chance to

be free again


Safe opiate withdrawal

under anaesthesia

OPIOSTOP is a safe withdrawal method under anaesthesia for opiate dependents. The treatment is performed at Interlaken Hospital by  Dr. P. Manndorff and her team. The procedure is suitable regardless of whether the patient's opiate dependency is the result of substance abuse (drug patients) or prescription drugs for chronic pain (pain patients). Based on the individual patient's needs, OPIOSTOP treatment consists of the administration of drugs to block the brain's opioid receptors. 

In contrast to conventional withdrawal procedures, the accelerated blockade massively reduces the duration of the withdrawal from around 1-2 weeks to 5-6 hours. To keep the degree of physical discomfort to a minimum, the treatment is carried out under general anaesthesia in an intensive care setting. The withdrawal procedure is followed by several months of follow-up treatment with naltrexone. The treatment is only concluded at the end of this period.   

Day 0
Final consultation


Health check and final consultation with Dr Patricia Manndorff.

Day 1
Safe withdrawal under anaesthesia 


Hospital admission and preparation for withdrawal. Induction of anaesthesia in the intensive care unit and start of treatment.

Day 2
Rest and relaxation 


The patient can resume eating and drinking, engage in short strolls and receive visitors.

Day 3
Transfer to hotel


Leave the hospital accompanied by a friend or relative.

Ongoing medical visits. 

Day 4
Remaining active


Fill your days with plenty of activities. Your general practitioner will make the medical visits.  

Day 5
Final visit


Recovery at home and start of follow-up treatment.

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«A little over a month following my withdrawal, I'm doing really well. I can sleep through the night without waking up. My feelings of restlessness have almost completely gone and I'm much more in touch with my body than I was before. My everyday life is well structured. For me, though, the biggest bonus has been no longer having any cravings or thoughts about opiates (...)»

Markus (name anonymised)


You can contact us at any time to obtain information about the procedure without any obligation whatsoever.


Are you interested in withdrawal with OPIOSTOP? To find out whether you are suitable for the OPIOSTOP procedure, please complete our medical questionnaire – we need to be able to make a realistic assessment of your situation.